Gardening Group

We are in the process of developing the Hope House Gardening Group where we have accessed some of the funding required to purchase a greenhouse with a view to working with local people and the Primary Schools in the area. Our aim is to build up contacts through practical work and then encourage them to access other Hope House facilities or indeed come to our church.


We currently have a small area in the new front garden to grow vegetables and plants. There are two areas at the front of the property to develop into more allotment areas. The greenhouse is also now in use with tomato plants already growing in it.


You can see more photo's of the development work in our photo gallery.


We are also going to introduce recycling bins. At the moment we have a shoe recycling bin - so if you have unwanted shoes then please come to Hope House and put them in the bin. This supports 'Variety Club, The Children's Charity'.